Thursday, November 24, 2011

The perils of having an effective agent

"He has been fixing me up solid.
Egbert blinked.
Doing what?
Fixing me up solid.  With the magazines.  He has arranged for me to write three serials and I don’t know how many short stories..
Getting you contracts you mean.
Evangeline nodded tearfully.
Yes, he seems to have fixed me up solid with almost everybody.  And they’ve been sending me checks in advance, hundreds of them.  What am I to do?  What am I to do?
Cash them, said Egbert
But afterwards?
Spend the money.
But after that?
Egbert reflected.
Well it’s a nuisance of course, he said, but after that I suppose you’ll have to write the stuff.

It is not the being paid money in advance that jars the sensitive artist: it is the having to work."

P.G. Wodehouse, Best Seller, Mulliner Nights

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