Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More on Ron Paul and fringe views

It seems that John Podhoretz agrees with at least one of the points I made on Ron Paul.  Writing in the NY Post today he brings his column to a close with this:

If Gingrich fades away and Paul sticks around, the GOP will come to the convention with a flake as the No. 2 vote-getter. And don’t think the Obama-friendly media, which has treated Paul with kid gloves until now, won’t leap on his extremism when it suits them, and turn him into a poster child for the caricature of the GOP they’ve been drawing for years.”

That’s exactly right and the point should be extended beyond the media and this election.  Liberalism is still very much the orthodox view.  Most people who follow politics at all are immersed in the liberal view.  If they look at conservatism at all is after they have a foundation in liberal assumptions, and the easiest way to end the exploration of an alternative viewpoint is to effectively get across the idea that it is extreme.  Figures like Ron Paul make that task easy.

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