Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Newt, you know this already (if you've been reading this blog)

Me from the post, The Character of Newt’s Intelligence, on November 30th:

“But even if his intelligence is conceded, it strikes me as a) not conservative and b) not well suited to the office of president.  The central characteristic of Newt’s mind is that it is prolific, but there is little evidence of it having any real depth or of any wisdom.”

National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru in his column for Bloomberg yesterday:

Gingrich has more original ideas than most of us. But for a president, what’s much more important is the ability to tell the good ones from the bad -- an ability called judgment.”

And Ben Kennedy who was the history department chair who in 1970 gave Gingrich his job as a historian at West Georgia:

The thing about Newt is he's clever but he's not intelligent. A mile wide and an inch deep.”

“You know he makes an occasional reference to Appomattox or something like that. I think Newt's understanding of history is not very deep.”

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