Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andrew Breitbart RIP

I didn’t know or even follow all that closely Andrew Breitbart, the conservative media entrepreneur.  With his passing a couple of things come immediately to mind.

First, to be anything other than a closet conservative requires a certain contrarian streak.  If you wish to get along, not have any ugly arguments or confrontations, then it is best to either keep your mouth shut or be liberal-left.  And the amusing thing about this obvious observation, is that at least in their own minds, it is the liberal-leftists who see themselves as the bold contrarians, the rebels fearlessly speaking truth to power while all the while being perfectly conformist.

Second, Breitbart certainly hit an exposed nerve when he attacked the left at its most consist and annoying point, its absolute certainty that in all things it held the high moral ground.  Breitbart not only called them on this, but did it in the most appropriate fashion by mocking it.  That so many bloggers and writers on the left have gleefully responded to his death is a fitting tribute.

Links to a few remembrances/tributes:

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