Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boehner Plan vote and Presidential Candidates

Over at Powerline John Hinderaker has a good take on the Boehner Plan.  He's not very enthusiastic, realizes that the out year spending cuts are bogus (I remarked on Twitter that I was getting in shape by running a marathon; 1.5 miles today, the rest in the out years), but concludes with "so let’s hope Boehner has the votes."

Reporting today has suggested that Boehner is in fact one or two votes short, which is why it has been delayed.  One of the no votes is Michelle Bachmann.  That pretty neatly encapsulates why I think she's a bad choice for the nomination.  A wise rep. would realize that however many reservations they may have, if the proposed bill is the best likely result, and if your vote is important, you vote yes.  Of course her no vote will probably help her in the polls, as particularly in the early weeding out primaries, the purist has a better chance of finding followers than the trimmer.

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