Thursday, June 9, 2011

Points Differential - NBA Finals through 4 games

An ESPN report on the finals noted the margin of victory through four games and placed it in historical perspective by noting that there have only been a few instances where the margin has been less or the same. 

One example given was the '69 finals between Boston and LA.  Like this year's series, the total differential is equal to 15 points.  But of course margin of victory is aligned with total points.   So looking at that '69 series one notes that while the margins match this finals the points don't.  Average combined points through 4 games of that series equaled 215.25 compared to this year's 176.75.  That is 22% higher.  So the '69 series, at least by the standard of points differential, was actually much closer than this year's finals through 4 games.

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