Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Republican race

I can't remember when I've ever been really happy with the choices available for the Republican nomination but I'm sure I've never been this disappointed.  Conservatives roundly skewered Democrats like the governor of North Carolina when they suggested that maybe we should skip elections for awhile, but if this is the best we can do it's hard not to concede they have something of a point.

This column by John Podhoretz gets at what I would hope is the general dismay at the current slate of candidates on offer.
I still don't see how anybody can beat Romney at this point which makes his failure to come out on the Ohio issue involving public employee bargainning rights particularly distressing.  If he isn't going to stand up on something like this, why should anyone think he will fight for anything controversial if elected?  Is it too late to start over with a new group?

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