Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy 50th!!! You're toast

Since I never felt the tingle, never thought he was the one I'd been waiting for, you are advised to take my assessment with a dose of skepticism (but I was never so delusional as to think McCain was going to win in '08).  But I think the precipitous drop in the Dow today of 513 pts coupled with his inept handling of the debt ceiling extension has all but closed out Obama's chances to be re-elected. 

I will go further and predict that the polls will always show him having a better chance than he actually has from now until election day.  His supporters want him to succeed and are going to be very reluctant to admit that they were wrong.  Besides until 2012 he's the President.  November 2012 will be a different point, and I think we will find that a lot of Obama's "supporters" will find themselves unable to pull the trigger to give him another four years.

It's over. He's done. Put a fork in him.

Addendum:  U.S. credit rating goes from AAA to AA.  Not exactly the change we've been waiting for.

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