Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two tweets from yesterday, A day later

About this time yesterday I put out two comments on Twitter.

First: So Bernanke/Michael Palin announces that the parrot is dead and stocks go up???

This is of course a reference to the Monty Python sketch where shop owner Michael Palin tries to pass off an obviously dead parrot to a customer.  I was astonished that the market rallied on news that the Fed intended to keep rates the same for 24 months.  Certainty is nice, but this was the certainty that no economic rebound was in sight.  Today the market gave back the rally and more. Although to be fair, it's not clear that it was this or something else that caused the decline.

Second:  Bet there are a lot of property owners in England right now who wished they had our 2nd amendment rights

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