Monday, August 29, 2011

Wodehouse and golf and marriage/romance

"It has always seemed to me a strange and unaccountable thing that nowadays, when gloom is at such a premium in the world’s literature and all around us stern young pessimists are bringing home the bacon with their studies in the greyly grim, no writer has thought to turn his pen to a realistic portrayal of the golfing wife.  No subject could be more poignant, and yet it has been completely neglected.  One can only suppose that even modern novelists feel that the line should be drawn somewhere….

The real trouble was that the spectacle of her on the links was destroying his ideals, sapping away that love and respect which should have been as imperishable as steel

To a good man his wife should be a goddess, a being far above him to whom he can offer worship and reverence, a beacon-star guiding him over the tossing seas of life.  She should ever be on a pedestal and in a shrine.  And when she waggles for a minute and a half and then jerks her head and tops the ball she ceases to be so."

The Heart of a Goof, P.G. Wodehouse, Keeping in with Vosper, page (63 - 65)

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